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About Us

The team at Muddy Waters Realty, LLC has a long history of providing quality broker and property management services throughout the entire Mid-South region including Northwest Mississippi and Memphis, TN. We expertly manage single and multi-family homes along with commercial properties throughout our service area. We also provide real estate broker services for single family residences in this region.

Our team provides the highest level of service to keep our clients feeling well supported throughout the process of buying, selling or renting their properties. We also provide tenant services dedicated to keeping client satisfaction high and turnover rates low.

We keep communication channels open to promptly contribute up to date information about the process at hand. Our team utilizes our extensive experience in the real estate and management industry to provide our clients with excellent industry information and advice. We smartly employ technologically advanced services to streamline the rental and real estate processes. We also embrace tried and true traditional marketing and management methods to serve our large client base.